Technique: Preparing the Base Container and Topiary Trunk

Step 1: Prepare the container.
Step 2: Make a batch of plaster.
Step 3: Add the plaster to the flowerpot.
Step 4: Set the dowel in the flowerpot.

Technique: Attaching a Foam Head to a Topiary Trunk

Step 1: Make a hole in the foam sphere.
Step 2: Impale the sphere on the trunk.
Step 3: Reinforce the joint between the sphere and the trunk.

Technique: Decorating a Topiary Head

Step 1: Prepare the foliage.
Step 2: Decorate the topiary head.

Photograph by Steven Mays

Download the PDF with full instructions.


Made from a few basics: a foam ball, a dowel, and a pretty pot, the traditional topiary, whether short (shown here) or tall (shown on the cover), progresses through the same developmental stages.