Step 1: Cut out the card.
Step 2: Make the Acetate stencil.
Step 3: Position the stencil.
Step 4: Apply glue through the stencil.
Step 5: Apply the glitter.
Step 6: Make the die-cut shoe.
Step 7: Laminate the striped paper to the inside of the card.
Step 8: Make the hang tag.

Technique: Cutting an Acetate Stencil

Step 1: Prepare the pattern.
Step 2: Cut the stencil.
Step 3: Remove the cutout section.

Stencil Pattern #1: Strappy Heel
Stencil Pattern #2: Spike Heel

Photograph by Rex Bonomelli
Patterns by Maureen Mulligan

Download the PDF with full instructions.

Priceless: A Die-cut Card in two styles

Glitter is not just for kids…glamorizing greeting cards. To make your die-cut card, choose the Spike Heel or the Strappy Heel stencil featured here or create your own design.