Technique: Making a Handheld Bouquet Using Hand-Tying

Step 1: Prepare the wire for wrapping.
Step 2: Prepare the roses, tulips, and leaves.
Step 3: Begin to form the central mound.
Step 4: Add roses to the central mound.
Step 5: Bind the stems of the bouquet together.
Step 6: Add the tulips to the bouquet.
Step 7: Assess the bouquet’s shape.
Step 8: Add the leaves to the bouquet.
Step 9: Tie the ribbon bow.

Photograph by Dennis Johnson


Download the PDF with full instructions.

Hand-Tied Floral Bouquet

Perfect for carrying or displaying in a pretty vase,this classic bouquet begins with a central mound of flowers and then different kinds of flowers are clustered around it. Once the floral stems are hand-tied, they are accented with a ribbon bow.