Technique: Cutting Out a Print

Step 1: Cut out the print, leaving a large margin.
Step 2: Cut out the waste shapes.
Step 3: Cut out the outside shape of the print.
Step 4: Clean up all cuts.

Theme-and-Variation Dessert Plates

Step 1: Prepare the prints.
Step 2: Prepare the glass plates.
Step 3: Lay out the design and glue the prints.
Step 4: Paint the plates.
Step 5: Seal the plates.
Step 6: Protect the foot of each plate.

Original Art #1: Spanish Dancer
Original Art #2: Monograms

Photograph by Rex Bonomelli

Download the PDF with full instructions.


The appeal of making your own decoupage plates is that you can glue prints of any style behind the glass so that they gleam like fine porcelain. Choose your own prints or use the original art featured here.